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About FBA Studio

Your one-stop-shop for everything FBA.

Whether you’re just launching your first brand or your 100th product, we all know that juggling all of the graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, packaging designers, and 3D artists can be a full-time job! And besides, you already have enough on your plate given that you’re launching the next biggest product on Amazon!

That’s exactly why we created The FBA Studio; to provide the highest quality Amazon design & SEO services while eliminating the burden of dealing with 7 different parties with 7 different visions for your product and 7 different quality standards. Our in-house Amazon specialists, 3D artists, photographers, graphic designers and copywriters work tirelessly throughout the 5 stages of the project to make sure that your vision is materialized to it’s fullest potential.

And if you don’t have a vision... no problem! We have in-house Amazon specialists that can create a research-based vision for you! As a result, some of our clients have sold out their entire inventory within the first two weeks of publishing their listing!

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White Box Photography & Rendering

Whether it’s with a physical camera or a digital one, capture your product in all of its glory!


Showcase your product’s features with beautiful, captivating graphics that’ll boost your conversion

Logo & Branding

Your branding is the identity of your business. Make sure it’s created correctly with passion and purpose!

A+ Content & Copywriting

Give your listing that extra boost by optimizing your copywriting and product description to rank to the top of page 1!

Packaging & Insert Card Design

Make sure your product is delivered properly and elegantly to maximize customer satisfaction!


Whether you’re launching a new product, need to improve your existing listing, or are taking on a whole new brand, we’ve got a package for you!

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Fill Out Briefing Form


Conduct Research and Create Project Plan


Execute The Project


Check Your Email

Gathering Information

We send you a form requesting all of the information we need from you and establish the best course of action for your needs!

Research + Execution Plan

Our in-house Amazon Specialist does research into your product and develops a strategic listing plan that outlines everything your content should include.


Our in-house 3D renderer or photographer gets started on capturing your product in all of its glory.


Our in-house Copywriter dives deep into your keyword in order to put together the best possible copywriting for your listing.


Our in-house graphic designer creates all of your graphics and takes care of the final composition of your content according to the plan outlined by the Amazon Specialist.


Just in case there’s anything we missed, or something that you’d like to add, we provide unlimited revisions on all projects


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